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Celebrating Science Week!


To celebrate Science Week we were delighted to welcome Dale Treadwell and his dinosaurs to Scoil Chill Ruadhain today! The dinosaurs will be travelling to events all over Ireland this week and we were so lucky to be one of the schools selected! All the children, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class, really enjoyed the show and loved meeting our special visitors!

Safety Awareness Flag

We were delighted to receive the Cork County Council Safety Flag yesterday in a ceremony in The Vertigo Room on the 17th floor of the County Hall. Fifth Class have been working really hard over the past few months in order to reach this achievement. They have been on water safety training days and have taught all the younger students about water safety.


Speaking to the International Space Station

On Thursday 26th Oct 2017 Mrs Hedderman and some students from 5th class were delighted to be invited to a live link up with the International Space Station.

We could hear the voice of International Space Station astronaut Joe Acaba echoing across the universe. “Hey, this is the International Space Station, I have you clear, a little bit faint, but welcome aboard the International Space Station,” said the US astronaut as he spun some 400km above Glanmire and the Earth at a speed of 28,000km/h.
The school is only the third Irish educational institution to speak directly to the ISS as it orbits around the earth and Thursday’s contact, which also involved a Romanian school, Coleguil National Calistrat Hogas in Pietre Neamt, marked the culmination of more than two years of work.
700 students watched in the school gym and there was absolute silence when contact was made as the ISS sped overhead.
Five Glanmire students got to ask questions.
One asked what it was like to sleep while floating in space, prompting an interesting reply from Mr Acaba.
“It’s actually very nice to sleep in space – we have a sleeping bag that you can attach to the wall or you can just sleep in your own little crew quarters – it’s super-comfortable sleeping in space,” he said.
We also learned that an astronaut has to be very small and light as the bigger and heavier you are the more expensive it will be to launch the rocket into space!
It was a fantastic experience and we thoroughly enjoyed being part of history being made in GCC.

Hopefully it will inspire some of our students to take up careers in science and engineering.


Spring has arrived in Brooklodge!


Green Schools Biodiversity Committee

The Biodiversity Committee is made up of pupils from 4th to 6th class. They met recently to map the school grounds and prepare their targets board.

School Science Fair

Today was the first day of our school Science Fair. Students from 2nd to 6th prepared a range of experiments and then set them up in the school hall. Classes were invited to the hall throughout the day to view the displays and to conduct some experimenting of their own. The exhibitors did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating their experiments which included The Lungs, The Heart, Friction, Magnets, Soundwaves, Circuits, Friction & Gravity, Quick Sand and The Centre of Gravity. Well done to all involved!


Science Week 2016


This week is Science Week. We have lots of great activities planned throughout the school including a visit from Big Bear Planetarium, School Science Fair and trips to UCC and Firkin Crane for Science Week events! We are all looking forward to a fun-filled week!

There are many events for all the family happening in Cork this week. Admission is free but booking is advisable to ensure your place. For more information click here.


Proclamation Day

Everyone in Scoil Chill Ruadhain had a wonderful time today at our Proclamation Day. Pupils, teachers and family members gathered for a celebration and commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising.

We opened the day’s events with the raising of the Irish flag. Two pupils from Junior Infants and Sixth Class raised the flag together while the rest of the school sang our national anthem Amhrán na bhFiann.


Pupils from Sixth Class read both the original 1916 Proclamation and our own 2016 Proclamation.


Junior Infants, Senior Infants, First and Second Classes entertained us with a selection of poems and songs. They performed Seamróg agus Seamróg, Cnag ar an Doras, Ireland’s Call and Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile.


Third Class introduced us to the signatories of the 1916 Proclamation. They also spoke to us about the women of 1916. Fourth Class explained the timeline of the events of the Easter Rising.


Fifth Class performed a wonderful play about the Easter Rising called A Triumph of Sorts. They also recited Pádraig Pearse’s poem The Mother and acted as compères throughout the ceremony.


Four boys from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes played and sang a number of beautiful songs throughout today’s events. They performed Óró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile, The Foggy Dew, The Lonesome Boatman and Meet Me At The Pillar.


We closed the events with a message from our principal Mrs Hedderman followed by a performance by our school choir.


Some More Photos of our Flag Presentation

We were delighted to receive official photographs of our National Flag Presentation from Corporal Christine O’Leary this week!


1916 Commemorations

Today, Scoil Chill Ruadhain was formally presented with the National Flag in a special ceremony commemorating the centenary of the 1916 Rising and celebrating 100 years since the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. The team visiting our school was led by Lt Commander David Memory of the Irish Navy who spoke to us about the history of the flag, flag protocol and how to care for this national symbol before the flag was presented to two members of Sixth Class. The flag will be flown in every school in the country on March 15th to commemorate the 1916 Rising. Lt Com. Memory also spoke to us about the Proclamation and the men who wrote it. Petty Officer Kara Moloney then read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic to us. She was joined by a member of Sixth Class. All the children in Scoil Chill Ruadhain promised to join together to write our own Proclamation in the coming months. To mark the presentation of the flag, pupils from Fifth Class sang The Foggy Dew. Children from all classes were given the opportunity to ask the team questions. To conclude the ceremony, we all stood to sing Amhrán na  bhFiann. We are all looking forward to taking part in further commemoration events throughout the year!